"Skip Beat!" to premiere this weekend [w/ 20min preview]

Super Junior members Donghae and Siwon visited Taiwan for 6 hours to promote their first Taiwanese idol drama, “Skip Beat!” (Extravagant Challenge). Since the story is based in show business and the two play rivals, when asked if they also compete with each other off screen, Siwon replied, “Honestly, it’s hard to avoid disagreements between fellow actors, but I always try my best to listen to other’s opinions.”

Donghae and Siwon spent 4 months in Taiwan to film the manga adaptation, and the series will finally air this weekend, taking over “In Time With You’s” slot. The two confidently said that they are not afraid of being compared to the previous. Interestingly, Siwon’s character’s voice will be dubbed by his costar Ivy Chen’s boyfriend, Penny (Kun Da). After watching the preview at yesterday’s press conference, Siwon commented, “Very interesting. The dub is very cute and lovable.” Donghae’s character will be dubbed by Darren of The Drifters; Darren promised to give the fans a surprise if ratings surpass 5%.

Although Ivy’s scenes have been edited out from the Black & White movie, she is the star of “Skip Beat!” and has more scenes than the two male leads. She laughed, “There isn’t a scene without me in it.”

Source: Appledaily, SHRiNXSHRiNX @ youtube

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