Rainie and Sunny relationship short-lived

Yesterday was the first time that Sunny Wang appeared at a public event since the news of him and Rainie Yang dating broke out. He attended his cousin’s new clothing brand Crystal Wang’s press conference, and the media grasped the opportunity to ask him about the relationship.

Sunny appeared at his cousin Crystal Wang's press conference for her new clothing brand named after herself.

His 15-day trip to New York with Rainie was exposed when a reader snapped a photo of them. Thus, the rumors of them dating began to spread. However, both stars have yet to respond about their relationship directly. At yesterday’s event, Sunny did not confirm whether the girl who was sitting next to him in the photo was Rainie. He expressed that he had not seen Rainie since he got back from New York. Sunny said, “Honestly, this news has made me rather embarrassed. If I see her at the company, I’ll feel a bit embarrassed.” His ex-girlfriend ELVA has also been chased after by the media for her input on Sunny and Rainie’s relationship since they’re all from the same management company. Sunny expressed apologetically, “I’m really sorry to ELVA. This whole situation has caused everyone to feel a bit embarrassed.”

Sunny went to play basketball after the press con.  Ironically, he was on the same team as ELVA's other ex-boyfriend Jacky Chu.

Although Rainie told the media to give her “room for friendship” a few days ago, implying the possibility of a love relationship, Sunny said frankly, “Many guys may fall in love with Rainie, but so far I haven’t.” But he added, “She’s very lively and has great acting.” Rainie’s manager responded on the other hand, “From start to finish, it was the media that was making up all the rumors. They are just good friends. Thank you for everyone’s concern.”

Rainie-Sunny relationship timeline
2011/09: the two attended a friend’s party and started dating in the beginning of October.

11/21: a reader spotted the couple flying to New York. Sunny’s friend also confirmed their relationship with Appledaily.

11/29: after their relationship was exposed, Rainie announced her early flight back to Taiwan. Sunny also returned earlier than the originally planned 15-day trip.

11/30: Rainie expressed to the media that “no one knows what will happen in the future,” and asked to be given some room.

12/11: Sunny expressed, “Many guys may fall in love with Rainie, but I haven’t,” indicating that their relationship came to an end after two months.

Source: Appledaily

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