Pop charts: Andrew Tan tops KTV chart for a year

Although there have been just about the same amount of albums released from male and female singers, the top five places have been predominantly male. Not only the top 4 places of the KTV charts are all male singers, Andrew Tan’s “Queen” has been in Holiday’s first and second place for a year.

The Malaysian singer released his album, “Queen”, last year in October. At the time, he was unable to promote in Taiwan due to problems obtaining a work permit. However, it didn’t affect the song’s popularity. His new duet single with Bii, “Shi Zai Bi Xing”, which was released in September, has risen to top 5 on the KTV charts. The song is also in the top 10 of Malaysia’s “My Astro Music Chart”.

During Andrew’s autographing and mini concert event on the 4th, he especially made a phone call to Bii, who is currently in the military, to inform of the good news. Andrew thanked the fans for their support and promised that he will release a photobook next year. He previously promised that it would be shot “by the beach without using any objects to block the view.” He added, “Releasing a photobook has been my wish since I was little. There will definitely not be any issues with skin exposure.”

Check out the rest of the charts below:

Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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