Mayday's Ashin and Monster compose new tracks for Xiao Gui's new album

For Xiao Gui (Alien Huang)’s new album, “Break Heart, Black Heart”, Mayday’s Ashin and Monster will each compose a track. Perhaps because both Monster and Xiao Gui are Scopios, they happen to be big fans of “Naruto” and even incorporated part of its story in the new song, “漩渦” (Uzumaki / Whirlpool); staff members teased that they spent more time discussing about the anime than actually singing the song.

Mayday and Xiao Gui used to be in the same record company. When Xiao Gui released his first album, “Love & Hero”, Ashin and Monster collaborated and wrote him the hit pop rock single, “Screwed Up” (搞砸了). Thus, when Xiao Gui asked them for help this time, they immediately agreed to it.

Although Ashin was in Japan busy preparing for Mayday’s new album, he called Xiao Gui over the internet to teach him how to sing the new song, “澀谷” (Shibuya), since Ashin is the producer for it. Xiao Gui also decided to write the lyrics for the song himself and edited it 20 times before coming up with the final version.

The three of them met on 100% Entertainment a few days ago. Ashin and Monster expressed that they are both confident of the new songs that they wrote. Xiao Gui will be performing in Malaysia on New Year’s Eve. With all the invitations he has received to perform, it is estimated that he will make close to 5 million TWD by end of the year.

Xiao Gui's album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Source: UDN

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