Mayday will sing their way to 2012

After nearly three years, Mayday will release a new album, "Second Round" to be issued on Friday, their album reached a total of 129,958 per-ordered copies. Mayday will also have a New Year's Eve concert at Taipei Arena, but on the same day they will have a free show. Fans who purchased tickets for the Taipei Arena concert complained. Yesterday, Mayday said Taipei Arena’s New Year's Eve concert will start around 9:30pm where the song list and the stage is different, singer Ah Xin said: "It is absolutely fair."

2012 is said to be the end of the world, as they named their album “Second Round”, Ah Xin said: "We did not believe the end of the world, but with the Wenchuan, Japan earthquake and continuous natural disasters in recent years, there is only a thin boundary between end of the world and an ordinary day, if the end of the world did not come, then everyone could live a “Second Round”.”

Japan recording cause headache

They went to Japan in April this year, after the
Japan Earthquake 311, where water, electricity are limited. Ah Xin recalled: "Initially there are still aftershocks during recorded, but after a while we have gotten used to it."
Mayday have been singing for the New Year’s Eve concert in Taipei for 10 years, but on the day itself they also have a ticket concert. They will sing the first 40 minutes in a free show organized by the city government. Fans complained as they have to purchased tickets and the Taipei Arena New Year's Eve has been postponed to 9:30 concert. Mayday expressed that they have asked the permission of the government to extend their concert pass midnight.

Photo & Source: Apple Daily

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