Joseph Chang celebrates birthday with Sex and Zen

Joseph Chang turned 28 yesterday. Just the night before, the media spotted him jogging alone and then going to the video rental store to rent the erotic costume drama film, “Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy”, with his two buddies at late night. Besides “Sex & Zen”, they also rented “The Man From Nowhere” starring Won Bin, and “Your Highness” starring Natalie Portman, which were also restricted movies. There were no hot girls or cake to celebrate his birthday, except watching DVD rentals with his buddies. When asked if he had a good time, he expressed through his manager that it had been a long time since he last celebrated his birthday in Taiwan due to work, “It feels great to be able to celebrate with my friends this year!”

Left: Joseph jogged for 5 km. / Right: Joseph coming out from the video rental store.

Although he broke up with his 5-year girlfriend Crystal during the summer, recent rumors suggest that they are back together again. However, Joseph’s manager stated that the two are now friends and feel less pressure than before. But it’s hard to tell what will happen in the future.

Source: LibertyTimes

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