Jason Xu: Flash enlistment in military

 There have been a lot of celebrities avoiding the military service in the industry recently, the 26-year-old former 5566 member Jason Xu was send off yesterday by former band members Tony Sun, Zax Wang and others in Taipei station to enlist in the military headquaters. 3 weeks ago, he first dropped out of Jinwen University of Science and Technology, then apply for the army, spotted bald yesterday, he said: "I was thinking I'm stuck there, therefore I decided to enlist in the military earlier." It is reported that he will use the vacation next year to shoot a movie with other 5566 members, the movie will be up in cinemas the earliest Christmas next year.

He joined the army because 3 weeks ago at the gathering of 5566, former band members suggested that he first enlisted into military service served. Yesterday morning, Xu Mama only send him off the house door, she said: "Oh, 11 months will be fast and you will come back soon!" Sam Wang was not able to send Jason off due to work and was only able to accompany him to eat breakfast. Zax Wang, Tony Sun and Rio Pang then send him off to the Taipei Railway Station.

Zax, Tony, Rio gave Jason a group hug. Zax joked: "Your finally a man, next time when we talk about the army, you will not be bored and doze off!" Tony said: "When Jason decided the army, I was 100% approved of his decision." Rio was not able to enlist in the military due to his spinal injury, Rio framed Jason: "Jason's physicis is good, he could be a marine or an amphibious reconnaissance battalion, hopefully the executive would consider him to be part of the team."

Talent agency disclosed that Jason was to released an mini-album next year March, but it would be delayed because of Jason's military service. Also, he turned down 2 idol dramas, 3 dramas in China, causing him to lost more than $ 5 million.

Xiu Jie Kai, 28, to join the army next year

Xiu Jie Kai 28-year-old has been named one of celebrities avoiding the military service. Yesterday, he attended the fashion show, said "I still go to school and film at the same time, I plan to enlist the army next year" and is expected to be a soldier in the next year."

Photo & Source: Apple Daily

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