Ivy Chen missing from Black & White movie trailer

A new 17-minute trailer was revealed at the press conference for the upcoming movie, “Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault”, directed by Tsai Yueh-Hsun. 30 million TWD has been spent on special effects which includes a suspenseful helicopter explosion scene with Mark Chao and Huang Bo. But interestingly, Ivy Chen had zero scenes in the trailer and was also missing from the poster. (Right photo: a new still of Ivy was just released several days ago)

The movie has met many obstacles; Vic Chou withdrew from the movie shortly after its announcement; the script was edited more than ten times. Last year October, 1.5 million TWD was spent on a press conference to announce its leads: Mark, Huang Bo, Ivy, and Angelababy. In February of this year, Ivy and Mark held a press conference and there were rumors of Angelababy being downgraded to a supporting role with Ivy becoming the movie’s sole female lead.

There were scenes of Angelababy and Terri Kwan in the new trailer, and the poster also featured Ah Ken, Na Dou, Alex To, and others, except Ivy. Producer Yu Xiao-Hui explained, “There may be a drama and an action version of the trailer. Her character is different. We’re saving her as a secret weapon.” Director Tsai Yueh-Hsun said on the other hand, “We’re limited by the movie length. She might not be in the final version.” However, she is still considered to be the “female lead,” which puzzled many.

The poster.

Ivy’s manager responded, “Director spoke to Ivy after editing. Ivy feels that she has completed her job as an actress. On the other hand, we do feel a bit unfortunate about it.” When asked if her scenes were cut because she hadn’t renewed her contract with Prajna Works, Ivy’s manager explained, “Why would the director spend so much money just to edit out the scenes anyway? Even if you don’t like someone, you wouldn’t let your money go to waste.”

Mark will continue to play “Ying Xiong” (Hero) in the movie, while Huang Bo will be his new partner. Mark said, “A lot of people are sad that there won’t be Pi Zi (Vic Chou), but it will be new and refreshing. Working with the new Pi Zi (Huang Bo) was very interesting. I on the other hand haven’t changed much. I continue to be the very annoyed and non-smiling character that always shouts at everybody.”

The movie will hit theaters on January 13th and it will also be up against Vic’s new movie, “Perfect Two”.

 Mark attended the press conference yesterday.

Source: Appledaily, BLACKnWHITEtw's channel

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