[Updated w/ MV] EXILE's Atsushi collaborates with David Tao and Jay Chou

Besides collaborating with singer-songwriter David Tao for his upcoming album, EXILE’s lead vocalist Atsushi performed with Jay Chou at EXILE’s Tokyo Dome concert on the 9th. With fifty thousand fans at the show, Atsushi and Jay sang “Said Goodbye ~Real Valentine~” together with Jay playing on the piano.

Atsushi spoke about the collaboration, “I met Jay Chou two years ago and began to like his songs very much. Being able to sing a remake of his song as well as performing with him is like my dream came true.” Jay said on the other hand, “I was a little nervous when I went on stage because I had to remember the new music arrangement and also think about what to say in Japanese afterwards.”

EXILE’s solo album will be released on January 1st. Other than the version in Japan, the album will contain Atsushi’s remake of Jay’s song, “Said Goodbye ~Real Valentine~”, and a remake of Faye Wong’s classic, “I’m Willing”, which he will sing in Chinese as a duet with David.

"I'm Willing" MV

Source: UDN, cuzinsomnia's and 3GMEMORY's channel

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