ELVA is "ready" to release her new album

Ever since the rumors of Rainie Yang and Sunny Wang dating broke out, ELVA, who once dated Sunny, has been chased by the media. The moment she hears the media mention her ex-boyfriend, she shouts, “Stop asking me about other people’s rumors, right now there is only ‘I’m Ready.’”

ELVA’s new album, “I’m Ready”, will be available for preorder starting on the 6th and will be released on the 23rd. As expected, the “Trendy Queen” will dazzle the fans with thirteen different wardrobe styles; her record company spent 3 million TWD on the photo shoot done in Hong Kong and ELVA also bought a million dollar worth of new clothes out of her own pocket, promising that she will continue to be the trendsetter.

ELVA cooperated with a special hand-picked team from Hong Kong to design her new look, album cover, as well as complete her photo shoot. At the photo shoot, the moment ELVA walked into the fitting room, she exclaimed, “My God! This is like my dream since I was little. Are we filming a movie here? My feet are going numb.”  With over two hundred wardrobes from over thirty brands and a hundred different clothing accessories, the team mixed and matched to choose the best thirteen.

During the two day photo shoot in Hong Kong, ELVA only got five hours of sleep; she immediately received IV treatment right after returning to Taiwan, but she later went to the studio to film her MV for 24 hours straight. ELVA collaborated with dance choreographer Da Jun for her new techno single, “I’m Ready”; she lost 7 kg in a month just from choreographing and practicing the dance.

ELVA's "I'm Ready" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia: "I Love" version or "Love Me" version!

Check out ELVA's new single, "I'm Ready":

Source: UDN, NOWnews, evacyl's channel

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