ELVA invites Show Luo to be concert's special guest

ELVA will be holding a mini concert on Christmas Eve this Saturday and Show Luo will be her special guest. He especially turned down two performances in the mainland to support ELVA, giving up approximately six million dollars.

ELVA’s new album will be released in two days and she will perform her new songs at the mini concert. She will be singing and playing the piano for one of the songs. Thus, when Show visited her during the rehearsal, he gave her an “electric piano hand roll” as a gift, “I know that ELVA will be performing on the piano at the concert. I’m giving her this electric piano hand roll so that she can practice when she’s in the car or waiting for the next recording.”

Since Show is known to be mischievous, he especially told his assistant to prepare an actual hand roll (sushi) beforehand. Knowing that ELVA was waiting to receive his electric piano as a present, he took out the hand roll and teased, “This is also a hand roll! It’s lunch time, aren’t you hungry?” His prank really caught ELVA by surprise while the staff and the media fell in laughter.

 Show Luo takes out a yummy hand roll.

Source: Appledaily

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