Calvin Chen asks Wu Chun about rumored child

Although Wu Chun denied the rumors of him being married with kids, the media continues to ask about it every time. He went on Apple Entertainment News show to promote his new movie, “My Kingdom”. Host and fellow Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen used the audience’s curiosity as an excuse to ask Wu Chun directly, “May I ask what your child’s name is?” causing the atmosphere to become awkward; Wu Chun later expressed that he wasn’t upset but said, “Those who ask about it are not human.”

The rumors have gone on for a year now; on Apple Entertainment News, he said while feeling frustrated, “I’m not upset, but this question is not related to work. I’ve been asked about it so many times, does everyone not believe me? If you ask again, I’ll really hit you!” Although he said he was joking, it was obvious that he was at his limit soon.

His previous costars Ella and Rainie Yang have both been in the news recently regarding their love lives. Ella is rumored to get married in April of next year; Rainie’s rumored relationship with Sunny Wang ended after just two months. Regarding the two of them, Wu Chun said in surprise, “Really? (about Rainie) I didn’t hear about it. I didn’t know at all, but I did hear that Ella has been engulfed in happiness lately.” When the media asked if anyone has asked him to keep some days free (for Ella’s wedding), he laughed, “Nope. I’ve only been hearing stuff from others. It’s very hard to tell whether it’s true or not.” As for how much money he would put in the red envelope when she gets married, he said, “The amount is not important. It’s the thought that counts.”

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Source: Appledaily, red6374's channel

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