Ariel brings luck to Bo Lin, kissed 9 times

Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin starred in FTV & GTV's "In Time With You" ended last night with a bang, with ratings going up to 5.51%. Finally after 12 weeks of ratings war, the series won over SETTV's "Working Girls". Ariel and Bo Lin ended the series with kisses, netizens counted a total of 9 kisses; an estimated 2.743 million of people watched the last episode. Chen Bo Lin wrote in his facebook: "Finally have beautiful results in the last episode.”

In the last episode of "In Time With You", Ariel and Bo Lin kissed from the furniture store to the airport, in the airplane, in Singapore, on their wedding, a total of 9 kisses. Netizens counted that for every 7 minutes there was a kissing scene, netizens commented: "TV turned white.", "forgot to wear sunglasses."

In "In Time With You", Chen Bo Lin's "Li Da Ren" became the ideal man, increasing his popularity and proving again Ariel's ability to increase her co-actor's popularity. Some netizens are creating their own version of the ending and requesting for a film version hoping to see more of Ariel and Bo Lin. 

Photo & Source: Liberty Times

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