Warner Music forbids JJ Lin from dating

After two years since his last album, JJ Lin will finally release his brand new album, “Lost N Found” (學不會) in December, with preorders starting on the14th. At yesterday’s preview press conference, he revealed that he wrote the titular track this year during the time when he was most depressed. The media speculated that he must have composed the three new songs when his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Lillian Chen was met with challenges.

As reported previously, Warner Music spent 8 million TWD on JJ’s album cover photo shoot and the MV for “Never Learn”. In the last 30 seconds of the MV, JJ cried on the snow mountain to express the pain from his last relationship. JJ laughed, “I’ve already gotten over it.”

“Never Learn” sings about a man’s helplessness when it comes to love. JJ expressed that many people may imagine how a relationship should be, but often things turn out a lot different in reality, so you’ll learn to cope with it. His second single, “We Together”, is a techno song and he will use it to show off his dance moves. The lyrics to his third single,“Nonexistent” (不存在的情人), is written by Tsing Fong; the song is about a man who has been hurt from love.

In order to have JJ focus on his album promotions, Warner Music decided to forbid JJ from dating. Although JJ was caught by surprise, he agreed to it. When the media asked about rumors regarding him and Lin Mu-Jie dating, he expressed that they were good friends. Warner Music added, “If he really finds true love, we won’t stop him.”

Fans will be able to hear JJ’s new single, “Never Learn”, starting next week. He will promote a total of five songs from the album, which will last all the way to Chinese New Year. JJ will also pocket 3 million TWD to perform exclusively at the Kaohsiung’s New Year countdown show, singing six songs.

Source: UDN

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