Sunny Wang and Amber Kuo for Puma

Elva Hsiao's ex-boyfriend Sunny Wang played as Ding Li Wei - a person with bold initiative personality in "In Time with You" made him popular, and recently shoot a commercial with Amber Kuo for Puma. Sunny carried Amber Kuo, who is 30cm shorter than him to the low wall and this intimate act rein on the hearts of the female staff on-site.

The other day, Amber Kuo who heighten 158 cm, and Sunny Wang who heighten 188 cm shoot in the street of Tian Mu for Puma, their height seems difficult to match the seen, while shooting Sunny lowered his height to accommodate the two of them into the image. After shooting, Amber Kuo started scratching herself, ruining her sweet image.

Later the scene moved to the parking lot, where the two original have a picture side by side, but the director found a difference of 30 cm weird. Sunny immediately rushed to act as "human lift" and took the initiative to carry Amber Kuo to the low wall. The active personality of Sunny Wang in "In Time With You's Din Li Wei" was seen and rein on the heart of the female staff. However, this act made Amber embarrassed and almost had a wardrobe malfunction.

Amber and Sunny consecutive change into 3,4 different sets of clothing and also shoot a promotional video within the store and finally completed the shoot.

Photo & Source: Apple Daily Taiwan

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