Pop charts: Weng Tzymann debuts on 3rd and 4th place in album sales

Apple Entertainment News show host sweetheart Weng Tzymann lands on G-Music’s 3rd and Five Music’s 4th place with her debut album, "Love Me". Other than being thankful to her fans, she also feels very pleased with her achievement for being a first time album producer. She especially recommends the track, “It’s Okay”, which is about losing love; she believes the song is easy to relate to by fans.

Graduated from National Taiwan University with flying colors, Tzymann’s ambition in Showbiz can be seen with her new role as a singer and producer. She sings her love songs with great emotion, but when asked if it was due to personal experience, she laughed, “No, I believe everyone must have had the feeling of longing before. A lot of things just come through my mind when I sing.”

In related news, Genie Chuo’s “Just The Way I Am” debuts at fifth place on both G-Music’s and Five Music’s album sales chart. She has come back with a contrasting image from before – transforming from her sweet girl next door image to being mature and rebellious. (photos: Tzymann on the left and Genie on the right)

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Check out the rest of the charts below:

Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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