Pop charts: Jay Chou goes number one, Sodagreen in second

As expected, Jay Chou is number one on both G-Music’s and Five Music’s album sales chart. Following behind in second place is Sodagreen.

Interestingly, five out of the eleven tracks from Sodagreen’s newest album, “What Is Troubling You” (你在煩惱甚麼), were originally written for Jacky Cheung, A-Mei Chang, Rainie Yang and other singers. However the tracks were rejected, so Tsing Fong decided to sing them himself. Their new singles “The Limit of Happiness” (幸福額度), “Enjoy Loneliness” (喜歡寂寞) and “What Is Troubling You” (你在煩惱什麼) have already attracted over four million views on YouTube.

“Enjoy Loneliness” was first rejected by A-Mei. After Tsing Fong rewrote the lyrics, Na Ying was interested in singing the song, but she later chose “My Happiness Just Right” (幸福剛剛好) instead; “What Is Troubling You” was written for Jacky Cheung but the song didn’t make it to release because Jacky later decided to make a Jazz album; “When We’re Together” (當我們一起走過) was written for Rainie Yang; “Callus” (繭) was for Yoga Lin but it was turned down after he had trouble singing the song smoothly; when Tsing Fong gave Fish Leong “You’ve Been Written In My Song” (你被寫在我的歌裡), she had already finished recording her album, so he got Ella to sing it as a duet with him.

Among the songs that Tsing Fong has written, Amit’s “Fallen” (掉了) and Rainie’s “Take Me Away” (帶我走) has earned him the most royalties.

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