Peter Ho voted as the Most Wanted Actor to be Dated

Idol dramas are fighting over ratings, while male actors are fighting over popularity. recently held a poll for "The Most Wanted Actor to be Dated", Chen Bo Li and Peter Ho have a neck-to-neck results, originally leading was "In Time with You's Li Da Ren" Chen Bo Li but he failed to win over Peter Ho on the 15th. Chen Bo Lin lost 8545 votes to "Ring Ring Bell's Ren Jia Kai" Peter Ho with 10500 votes, while "Office Girls' Qin Zi Qi" Roy Qiu have the highest rating but only garnered 1590 votes, placing third.

"Li Daren" is the favorite of 20+ year old because of his sweet and caring image, but Peter Ho has the backing of his fans, play the perfect image of a man, so he temporarily became The Most Wanted Actor to be Dated by netizens. He and Janine Chang played as love couple in the small screen but the movie of Peter Ho and Leung Ka Fai's "Cold Steel" will be released in Mainland China on December 2, while Janine Chang and Ah Xin's "Racer Legend" will also be released on the same day, fighting for box office.

Photo & Source: Chinatimes

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