No sudden little J, Jay Chou: Take one step at a time.

Jay is said to have gotten married abroad. Yesterday, he guest "SS Swallow Night" and expressed that he will take one step at a time, get married at the age of 35, no sudden marriage, Zhang Xiao Yan asked: "No exclamation point of suddenly hold a little J? "Jay stressed:” No such thing. "

Jay said that he would like to build a J building, Zhang Xiao Yan asked: "Will J girl lived in the building?" Zhang Xiao Yan suggested Jay can ask all the J girls to record an album, perform together and even guest together at "SS Swallow Night." The 11th album of Jay has a limited edition ship model, Zhang Xiao Yan metaphor: "The ship no matter how many relationships did it have, will not affect his stroke."

Zhang Xiao Yan said she usually take note of Jay's mother, because they often saw the same commodity, "Will you also bring me abroad?" Jay smile and said that they go shopping next time, "And when you pick the same things, I will pay the bill.

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