Netizens spot flaws in "In Time With You"

FTV and GTV’s “In Time With You” starring Ariel Lin, Chen Bo-Lin, and Sunny Wang scored 3.54% in ratings last weekend (approximately 2 million and 41 thousand viewers). Although it was still behind TTV and SETTV’s “Office Girls'” 5.05% (approx. 2 million 762 thousand viewers), it was the closest that it had ever come to rivaling first place.

However, many sharp-eyed netizens spotted some flaws in the drama. Sunny was in a plane accident and Ariel immediately flew to Singapore to see him. Netizens made fun that the speed it took for her to get to her destination was unreasonably fast: “1 second to Singapore”, “It’s Doraemon’s Anywhere Door”. GTV explained that some scenes were edited for better pacing in the drama.

Netizens also believed that the plane landed in Malaysia, yet Ariel flew to the Singapore airport to embrace him with love. GTV pointed out that the drama did not specifically state where Sunny was, so it was probably somewhere near Singapore. GTV added that the main purpose was to increase suspense -- Chen Bo-Lin seeing Ariel and Sunny hugging sweetly with his own eyes.

Source: Appledaily

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