Netizens create anti-Show Luo fan page on Facebook

As reported previously, Show Luo is the champion of 2011 album sales, but a reader expressed to Appledaily that Show has been robbing the fans’ money by releasing multiple versions of his album. The reader believes that this trend is wrecking the Chinese music industry, thus, an “Anti-Show Luo fan club” has been set up on Facebook. Show’s manager Chiang Cheng-Chin expressed, “Show takes care of his fans the most. He signed those albums one by one.”

The reader complained, “Show’s fans are still young, so in order to receive a hug from him, they’ll whine and ask their parents to buy multiple copies of the same thing. As a result, some singers are using the same tactic, which is why the music industry is on a decline.”

In regards to the complaint, Chiang Cheng-Chin responded, “Show has always offered this to the fans since he debuted. He didn’t start after he became popular. He has always done the same. From what I know, many fans on the web commented that even if they buy one copy just to see Show, they are already very happy. There aren’t that many who buy multiple copies.”

However, the reader pointed out, “He releases six to nine versions per album. Nine versions of the same album was his highest record.” Chiang Cheng-Chin denied, “Nine versions is over-the-top. Usually there would be a pre-order version, actual release version, and another version a month later. Furthermore, this is decided by the record company, we only cooperate with them.”

The reader also criticized Show for charging fans $1,799 (NT) as an annual fan club fee when he makes over 100 million TWD a year. Chiang Cheng-Chin explained, “His fan club has been established for five years and the annual fee has never been increased. Besides receiving a free T-Shirt and exclusive photobooks, fan club members also get to meet Show once a year. I don’t believe there is another fan club that provides as much benefits as Show’s.”

The “Anti-Show Luo Fan Club” currently has about a hundred members, but Show’s fans are not just sitting with their arms crossed either as they formed an “Anti Anti-Show Luo Fan Club”, which has two thousand members. The two sides continue to bicker with each other on each of the pages. Chiang Cheng-Chin feels that this incident seem to have happened at a perfect time, so he suspects that it is done by someone from the industry who is jealous of Show being the top seller.

The three money robbing tactics of the Dancing King
  • At album signing events – Fans can get a hug with five copies of his album or a photo op with three.
  • Multiple versions: constantly releases new versions of the same album. One of his albums even had nine versions, but his record company denied the claim.
  • High annual fan club fees: Fans must pay $1,799 (NT) per year

Source: Appledaily

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