Mike He's photobook sold out within 30 minutes at Tokyo fan meeting

Mike He was in Tokyo promoting the DVD release of his previous drama, “Calling For Love”, but his Japanese fans were more interested in his recent photobook, “Le Retour Du Sud De La France”. All three hundred copies of the photobook were sold out in 30 minutes at the event; those who didn’t get to buy it even protested. Due to great sales, his publisher is now considering releasing a Japanese version of the photobook.

It had been two years since Mike visited Japan. He successfully made a comeback this year with the dramas “Sunny Happiness” and “Love Keeps Going”, sustaining his popularity in Japan. Five hundred Japanese fans attended his fan meeting and many of them couldn’t resist snatching a hug from him.

Mike was originally worried that fans might not accept the fact that he posed almost totally nude in the photobook. To test the waters, his fan meeting organizers especially brought three hundred signed copies to the event. It sold surprisingly well; fans praised his great body and expressed that the amount of skin he showed was definitely "okay."

Mike only stayed in Japan for three days and didn’t even have time for shopping. He could only shop for an hour before his flight back to Taiwan, but he still managed to spend 100 thousand TWD on clothing and accessories.

 Japanese fans lined up to get Mike's photobook.

It’s been a great year for Mike as his annual income reaches 75.5 million TWD. He rewarded himself with a 300 thousand TWD Rolex watch back in August, and hopes that he can buy a house that has a fitness room in the near future.

Mike's “Le Retour Du Sud De La France” photobook is now available at YesAsia!

Source: Appledaily

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