"Love Recipe" to end this weekend due to dismal ratings

If anyone is watching, “Love Recipe” will be cut short and come to an end this weekend; since the start of its broadcast, it has been at the rock bottom in ratings every week. It slipped to 0.18% last week, setting one of the record lows for idol dramas of the season just above "They Are Flying's" 0.15%. Thus, the drama has been trimmed down to ten episodes from its original thirteen.

There were many anticipation in seeing Kenji Wu star in “Love Recipe” as it had been nine years since he last acted in an idol drama ( “月光森林/ Moonlight Forest” from 2002). However, many netizens criticized Kenji for being too “greasy” in his acting (overacting), “Kenji exaggerates too much with his acting and all he does is pose whenever he appears.” On the other hand, some feel that all the efforts of the production team have gone to waste and are also upset that the drama has turned into a mess from all the editing. CTV, the broadcasting network, responded, “After a drama goes on the air, we revise the episodes according to its situation.”

Source: LibertyTimes, Appledaily

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