Ko Chen-Tung gets ready to debut as a singer

Newcomer Ko Chen-Tung will be releasing his debut album, “Be Yourself”, on November 11th. His debut single, “有話直說” (roughly translates to Say What You Want To Say), represents the adolescents of the new generation who are fearless and outspoken, chasing after love courageously. The song is tailor-made for Ko Chen-Tung by highlighting his low to mid-range vocals.

After starring in the box office hit “You Are The Apple of My Eye”, grossing 500 million TWD, Sony Music is hopeful that Ko Chen-Tung will be the next King of the pop music industry. Since Sony has been keeping all details of his album a secret, there were rumors of the album being postponed. However, they have decided to go head-to-head with veteran singers like Jay Chou and Eason Chen. Ko Chen-Tung expressed, “I’m so nervous, I still need more practice.”

Although he has risen to fame, he has not made any adjustments to his private life despite the media has been on his back, snapping photos of him kissing on the street. He said frankly, “If I can’t date, that’s too painful.”

Trying new ways to promote, fans can now receive information on preordering Ko Chen-Tung's album after "liking" the Facebook page of “You Are The Apple of My Eye”. The album can be preordered at six major channels including TCR/Rose, Chia Chia Records, Five Music, Books.com.tw, Eslite, Rakuten, and others.

Alternatively, the album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out Ko Chen-Tung's latest single:

Source: UDN, Appledaily, aa111133's channel

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