Kai Ko takes Polaroids with fans who buy two copies of his album

After rising to fame with the hit movie, “You Are The Apple Of My Eye”, Kai Ko turned his focus to singing and released his debut album titled, “Be Yourself”. He held an autographing and mini concert event on the 19th. Compared to last time when he went off-tune at the press conference, his performance was much better this time; he gave himself a score of 72 out of 100.

“You Are The Apple Of My Eye” grossed 410 million TWD in Taiwan and 200 million TWD in Hong Kong at the box office. Due to the movie’s success, he has become the idol of many older women. Even the 46 year-old veteran entertainer Hsu Sheng-Mei revealed that she admires him. However, Kai rolled his eyes upon hearing this; he later said, “I thank her very much for liking me.” As for others who have sexual fantasies about him, he replied embarrassingly, “I can’t control them.”

A few days ago, netizens were heavily criticizing Show Luo for taking photos with fans who buy three copies of his album or a hug for five copies; now Kai is also “taking Polaroids with fans who buy two copies.” When asked if he was not afraid of getting bashed by netizens, he cried, “I didn’t decide that!” His record company Sony Music explained, “This is a small service to treat the fans. Furthermore, it is limited to first three hundred. It is definitely not for boosting sales.”

Kai revealed during a radio interview that he got scolded by his dad when intimate photos of him with a girl made news headlines. His dad wanted him to find out which of his friends did it, but he refused, “I already don’t have many friends, yet he wants me to be suspicious of them.” The incident has caused a bit of conflict between him and his dad. He even shed tears from being upset.

Kai Ko's "Be Yourself" album is now available at YesAsia!

Check out Kai's latest "漂流瓶" (roughly translates to Drifting Bottle) featuring Michelle Chen:

Check out Kai's "Be Yourself" MV:

Source: Appledaily, Pandatw520's channel

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