Kai Ko splits his prize money with Michelle Chen

As reported previously, Kai Ko has just won the Golden Horse New Actor Award; boss Angie Cai kept her promise and rewarded him with one million TWD, which is twenty times more than the prize money from Golden Horse itself! Kai previously promised that he would reward his management staff with 50 thousand TWD each; he would use half of it to pay for his parent’s vacation trip; he would split the rest with his costar and Goddess Michelle Chen. Michelle laughed, “The rest will all be mine!”

“The Apple Of My Eye” did extremely well in both Taiwan and Hong Kong; it is one of the local movies with the highest investment returns of the year. Although only Kai won out of the four nominations for the movie, their celebration party was still filled with journalists. Director Giddens Ko and the rest of the guys even wore high school uniforms at the party and Kai’s parents and his older brother also attended to share his glory.

Kai expressed that he was able to thank everybody that he should on stage without missing anyone. Since Kai showed his behind in his debut role, the media asked if he would go even further and film totally nude; he said that he will be looking to improve on his acting instead of showing more skin. Giddens on the other hand teased, “He needs to be like Shu Qi and put his clothes back on one by one.”

Kai admitted that he now has no regrets at age 20. When the media asked if he was not afraid of using up all his good fortunes at age 20, Giddens made fun, “No, since the media wrote so much about him, it balanced it out.” -- referring to the intimate photos of Kai with other girls that made news headlines. Kai knows that many netizens are dissatisfied with his win, but he said he was not afraid of criticisms and emphasized that he would continue to work hard; he expressed that he wanted to take on more school-life related roles.

Giddens was most concerned about Michelle’s feelings, but she expressed that she was “very happy.” Not only she got to hold Simon Yam’s hand, Andy Lau said on stage that he waited 30 years for her to appear. There was nothing more that Michelle could ask for. Andy also comforted Giddens; Giddens went to the washroom while feeling down for not winning, but he heard someone comforting him, and when he turned around, it was Andy! Giddens said happily, “It was really Andy himself who came over to talk to me!”

Source: UDN

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