Kai Ko private photos leaked, father thought friend leaked

Kai Ko shift attention from acting to singing, but his father is angry, his father stated that: "He is weak at home, can he even act? He never let me see him perform, he didn't even let me see him playing basketball, I only often heard his weird voice in the bathroom."

The movie "You Are the Apple of My Eye" made Kai popular, he was seen guesting for TVBS's Spotlight and accepted Fang Nian Hua's interview. During the interview Kai shared that a lot of things shared when he became famous. He and his father had an argument because Kai's private photos were leaked to the public.

Fang Nian Hua and Kai Ko chatted only to find that they both studied in the same elementary school. With the encouragement of Kai's senior, he sang a line from his new album.

The leaked private photo caused an argument between Kai and his father, Kai smiled: "If the photo is mine, I will admit and I will explain, but the photo was not mine, too much negative news about me cause my father to worry, is it my friend who leaked the photos? I was so angry that he misunderstood my friends. So, I had an argument with my father, but soon everything was back to normal. "

Kai Ko's father and Harlem are good friends, Kai Ko guested yesterday on the Harlem's "The One Million Singer". Before the show goes on air, Kai posted in his Facebook: "I'm sick! Holding on for a long time, and I'm still sick! My body is like broken already." Harlem took extra care of Kai while the latter was in the show, and reached up to level 7, Harlem said: "I don't have to feel sorry for your dad now."

Photo & Source: UDN

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