Jay Chou's "Princess Syndrome" - wants to have relationship with Jolin again?

Jay Chou's new album "Exclamation Mark" release today. Yesterday, a mainland site exposed the new song ""Princess Syndrome", the lyrics "It seems the princess, is really sick, Crying saying that betrayed you ... Say a thousand times I love you, this is not a problem ", netizens guess that Jay is using this song to have a comeback with Jolin Tsai.

"Princess Syndrome" talks about having a relationship with a princess syndrome girlfriend. Jolin fans called her "Princess", and in the lyrics "I used music to cure your princess syndrome, should I pack yourself, dress up Hello Kitty, that seems to be a problem, it does not matter I love you, even if you love yourself ", the song seems to be coincide with Hello Kitty love, Jolin.

Jay Chou's new album "Exclamation Mark" released on November 11, 2011, netizens are saying that Jay is using "Princess Syndrome" to sour-tone the relationship of Jolin and Jinrong. Jay said : "If we have such a guess, I do not write songs the future."

Netizens also found that "Princess Syndrome" and "Sunshine Boy" have the same rhythm, JVR said the new album played a lot of improvisation, is a breakthrough. Jay said: "While hosting for an episode for Mr.J, the background tune was "Sunshine Boy" and I was composing, this is how "Princess Syndrome" came about."

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