Jay Chou attracts over 5,000 fans to autographing and mini concert event

Jay Chou attracted over five thousand fans to his autographing and mini concert event at Ximending for his latest album, “Exclamation Mark”. Many fans painted exclamation marks on their faces to show their support. After signing over five thousand albums yesterday, Jay said in relief, “(I’m) very touched, I saw many familiar faces.” Jay sang his latest single, “Hydrophobic Sailor” with his good friends Xiao Mai and Xue Gao; their comedic dance made many fans scream in excitement.

New iPhone game from Will Pan.
Astronomical observer Winson Tsai who discovered and named the “Jay Chou” Asteroid, also attended the event. Jay expressed, “If future technology can allow us to go to the asteroid, I film an MV or even bring everyone there to hold my autographing and mini concert event.” He did not forget to add, “I hope there won’t be any paparazzi there.”

In related news, Will Pan designed a new game for iPhone with its character modeled after Jay. He wrote on his micro-blog, “Jay and I got the inspiration for the game a year ago...This is a present to celebrate the release of your new album this month!” JVR Music emphasized that they did not give permission to Will to use Jay’s image, but when asked if they would sue, they replied, “They are good friends. Furthermore, the game is free, so there is no profit made from it.” Jay responded, “I don’t have any other friends who develop games, so it’s pretty cool.” Regarding the copyright issue, he expressed, “It’s a thoughtful gift from a friend,” and said that he will download the game to play.

In other related news, the movie theme song, “Dad”, which Jay wrote and sang as a duet with veteran Taiwanese (dialect) singer Hung Jung, did not win at the Golden Horse Awards. Jay responded with class, “You can’t win on every game.”

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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