Fans disapprove of Rainie-Sunny relationship

Sunny was in Rainie's "Imperfect Love" MV.
There have been recent rumors of Rainie Yang and Sunny Wang dating for a month and even going on a trip to New York together last Monday. Despite a friend of Sunny's has already confirmed their relationship, netizens voted on Yahoo! Kimo’s poll: 56% are pessimistic about the future of their relationship, while 15% supports the couple.

Sunny and Rainie went on a 15-day trip to New York; passers-by spotted the couple at the airport, which caused their relationship to surface. However, fans of both sides seem to disapprove of the relationship. Rainie fans are even avoiding mentioning Sunny’s name on her micro-blog, while Sunny fans commented on his micro-blog, “I thought you like models. I didn’t think you would actually like Rainie Yang.” Nonetheless, there are still supporters for the couple. After Sunny posted a photo of himself on the street in New York, they teased, “Rainie must have been standing on the side!”

Source: Appledaily

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