Eerie similarities between Weng Tzymann's new single and Bii's "Lost"

Apple Entertainment News show’s host Weng Tzymann released her debut album, “Love Me”, on the 4th; some have noticed that her new single, “If You Want To Leave”, seem to have eerie similarities with Bii’s “Lost”. Bii’s manager Lee Ya-Ming also agreed that two phrases from the chorus sound almost the same, but laughed, “Sometimes good melodies may be used more than once!” Not bothered by the news, he added, “When good songs are sung by different singers, it will give off a different feeling to it. All that matters is that it’s a good song. After all, there’s only 7 notes, otherwise what will composers do? There’s no need to give them so much burden.”

Lee Ya-Ming used Andrew Tan’s “心‧洞” (Xin Dong / Heart, Hole) as an example. He felt that the song sounded rather similar to Andrew’s previous hit, “Queen”, but he still decided to put it on his new album because it was a good song nonetheless.

Tzymann expressed through her manager that she had not heard of Bii’s “Lost” before and that she did not write the song or lyrics to “If You Want To Leave”. She further stated that she decided to record the song because she liked it after hearing it. (right photo: Tzymann posing with cohost Jing Wong on the set of Apple Entertainment News)

Bii officially became Taiwanese earlier this year and will be enlisted next Wednesday.

Weng Tzymann's "Love Me" album is now available at YesAsia!
Andrew Tan and Bii's "Shi Zai Bi Xing" EP is now available at YesAsia!

Watch the news clip below:

Check out the full version of Tzymann's "If You Want To Leave":

Bii's "Lost" MV:

Source: Appledaily / Videos: yuezhi0221, JaevyMusicBox, EagleBii

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