Dream Girls to disband after debuting less than a year?

There have been rumors of the “Otaku Goddess” girl group Dream Girls disbanding due to conflicts. A few days ago, members Puff Kuo and Emily Song became spokespersons for a beverage store without Tia Li.

For convenience of going on shows and promoting together, their management company originally arranged to have Dream Girls live together. However, Tia’s popularity far surpasses the other two members; thus, there have been rumors of Emily losing weight due to pressure and tabloids reporting that the members have even fought over a guy. Although Dream Girls refuted such claims, they have already ended their “cohabitational” life last month, where they’ve each found their own places to stay.

In regards to rumors of the group disbanding, their management company clarified, “They’re not disbanded just because one of them is missing. Most of their performances are still done together, while endorsements are more individual based. Dream Girls were never planned to be together forever.”

As for the members moving out, their management company expressed, “They lived together during the beginning of their debut so that it would be easier to contact them as well as have them get used to each other. Now they have their own different types of work. Puff needs to take care of her younger sister while Emily has a dog, so we didn’t continue renting the place once the contract was over.” Their manager emphasized that the members are getting along very well and revealed that Dream Girls have already accepted ten invitations to perform at company shows and New Year countdown programs.

Source: UDN

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