Condoms confiscated from Peter Ho by customs

Peter Ho was heading to the mainland for filming, but believe it or not, he had over a hundred boxes of condoms confiscated by customs. When reporters asked his manager to confirm the news, she expressed that Peter was the spokesperson for the condom brand, so he naturally received them as free gifts. According to the news reports, Peter rushed back to the mainland to continue his filming right after the condom spokesperson event. He stored all the free condoms in his carry-on since his suitcase was full, and was planning to give them to his film crew.

Peter’s manager said that when the customs officer confiscated the condoms, the officer recognized Peter and even giggled, causing Peter to feel extremely embarrassed. Peter explained, “Man, it’s because I filmed a commercial for a Japanese condom brand. The young staff members from my mainland film crew wanted me to provide them with endless amounts of condoms. That’s why I brought so many boxes. They were all for others. I’m not the one using them.”

Source: Chinatimes, Appledaily, xyletocl's channel

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