Chris Wang failed to see old lover in Japan

Chris Wang went to Japan twice a month but was not able to met old lover. But his old girlfriend told him through the phone that she watches every episode , she said that she can not believe that Chris is in the television! She was surprised what the Chris she knew already become an artists, and also went to Japan to promote.

In his two books, he have already mentioned about his Japanese girlfriend, he meet her during his study tour in Australia and after two months the girl returned to Japan. He began to learn Japanese intend to Japan to find her, and settle there; but on Valentine's Day he received a break-up text which smash all of his dreams, He said it was a great blow to him.

However, after six months the woman come to Taiwan to find him, The heartbreaked Chris meeting her, and this time he decided to give up hosting on "Adventure King", and settle in Japan, but the woman felt that his sacrifice too much and she can not bear such pressure, the two finally broke up.

These years, they occasionally contact each other and he knew that she is now happily married. Last week he went to Japan to attend the "The Fierce Wife" press conference, before departure, Chris contacted her but she said that the notice was too late as she lived in Fukuoka which is far from Yokohama, and she have to take care of the children. She advice Christ to inform her earlier if he's in Japan.

Photo & Source: Chinatimes

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