Anthony Neely expresses dissatisfaction towards his record company

Following the news of his album being postponed till next year, singer-songwriter Anthony Neely recently expressed his dissatisfaction on his micro-blog, “When did music started having so many rules? Oh, right, I remember, when making money becomes the most important thing...great, we can say goodbye to meaningful works now.” He then attached a picture of Bob Dylan which had the caption, “All I can do is be me. Whoever that is.”

Matilda Tao, host of the singing competition show “One Million Star”, replied, “Next time, make an album with your own money.” Some fans reminded him, “You have to think about how long Senior Hebe waited before releasing her own album.” Staff from the company also comforted him, “What feels great is that so many staff members are accompanying you to pick and choose your songs. This should be worth being happy about."

Regarding Anthony's post, HIM Records responded, “We don’t believe he is talking about us specifically. Commercialism and creativity need to find a balance.”

Source: UDN

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