Will Pan bashed for upset win at Golden Bell Awards

Will Pan was the biggest upset win at the Golden Bell Awards. He returned to Taiwan yesterday to hold a press conference; facing the media with mixed feelings, he took many deep breaths and even cried three times where he went back to the backstage to calm himself. Due to the enormous pressure of the award, his hair turned white overnight, which he had to get his hairstylist to help him dye it before the press con. Nonetheless, he still wanted to thank the public for their criticisms and expressed that he will work even harder.

Since there was not enough transparency with Golden Bell, many nominees who lost have been criticizing the award. Will Pan has even been called the darkest dark horse, who won best actor with his role in the idol drama, “Endless Love”. Although his career has just reached new heights, he has also been drowned with negative criticisms.

Will was supposed to be holding a press conference to celebrate his win, but he was hesitant to hold the award and even stepped backwards when the host presented it to him. When he was giving his speech, he became emotional and turned around to cry.

During the two rounds of voting for best actor, Will Pan led all the way, but many felt that his acting was not worthy of the award. Will commented, “I started out as an idol, but I don't want it to be my fate.” Thinking back at how he rose to fame from filming the TV series, “麻辣鮮師” (Spicy Teacher), he worked hard for the public to finally accept him as a singer, “Many people don’t have hope for me, but I will continue to work hard.”

There have been all sorts of criticisms, but even Will had to laugh when he heard someone comment that “even Wu Den-Yil could act better than him.” Regarding veteran actor Wu Peng-Feng saying that “even Jin Shi-Jye could win by just acting with his eyebrows,” Will agreed, “Even his hair can act better than me.” He added, “I really admire Teacher Jin (Jin Shi-Jye)’s great temperament.”

Will has only been in three dramas; when he starred in “Miss No Good” two years ago, he even felt that he was “retarded” as couldn’t do his scenes well with his costar Rainie Yang. He laughed, “She must have wanted to kill me back then.”

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Source: Appledaily, Leticiashu's channel

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