Tofu Girl wants to be the next Jolin Tsai

“Tofu Girl” Tsai Huang-Ru
held a press conference to promote her new album, "Bomb Lover". She told the media that she was determined to succeed in the industry, “But not as an Otaku Goddess. I want to be like Jolin.” To show that she was for real, she signed a contract promising that she won’t date for a year. She revealed that she hasn’t been in a relationship since University, which was five to six years ago, “It’s only one year that I can’t date. That’s nothing.”

After a year of training, Tofu Girl is back with a full album. She said, “I want to step out of my Otaku Goddess image. I became famous through the web and a lot of other stars were discovered from the web too. I’m very happy to have come this far after I started out as a girl selling tofu.” When asked which Otaku Goddess she admired the most, she responded, “I like the ones who are more mature like an adult, like Amber Ann.”

Tofu Girl's "Bomb Lover" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out her latest single "I Fu Le U" below:

Source: UDN, iloveinmusic's channel

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