Sunny Wang's debut kissing scene

A lot of people are excited to see Sunny Wang’s performance in “In Time with You”. He was seen half-naked kissing Ariel Lin in the recently shooting for a scene, the body tattoos of Sunny made an impact on Ariel and says: “He's large tatoos are a bit distracting."

Sunny Wang came from a high end background turned actor. He’s first series is “In Time with You” and he plays as Ariel’s ex-boyfriend and Chen Bo Lin’s competitor, Sunny was nervous as he was about to give his debut kissing scene to Ariel and is not used to public intimacy as the crew were also there, he said: "Although I have to kiss her, but a lot of people are staring, and it felt like they came to see animals in the zoo, the feeling was akward."

Sunny does not have an experince in acting but trust Director Winnie even though they did not communicate that much before shooting for the drama. Sunny mentioned that: “Whatever the director wants, we do it and when the director shouts cut we immediately look at the monitor, if is not good we re-shoot." The kissing shoot took 4,5 times before they succeded.

The director always want to add kissing scene so Sunny makes sure that he always have his mouthwash.

Photo & Source: Apple Daily

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