Sodagreen performs three new songs from upcoming album

Sodagreen’s new album, “你在煩惱什麼” (roughly translates to What Is Troubling You), will not be released until mid-November, but they couldn’t resist letting the fans get a sneak peek at the album; they gave an opening performance at ATT4FUN’s “Music Party” concert event and sang three new songs from the new album. The show started at 8pm, but fans were already waiting outside of the venue early morning. Two thousand fans redeemed tickets for the event with their purchases and got to enjoy ten songs from Sodagreen.

The three new songs they sang were: “幸福額度” (roughly The Limit of Happiness), “控制狂” (roughly Control Freak), and “喜歡寂寞” (roughly Like Loneliness). Fans were thrilled to hear the new songs, and were already giving positive feedback for Sodagreen’s upcoming album.

Since member A-Fu is still in the military, Sodagreen performed with five members as usual. Nonetheless, A-Fu still contributed in producing the new album; the group assured that they will still share the new album’s profit with him.

Sodagreen flew to Singapore the next day to perform at the Loud Festival alongside Jay Chou, Landy Wen, and others. They will rush back to Kaohsiung to perform at the Rainbow Bay Festival coming weekend.

Check out Tsing-Fong performing "喜歡寂寞" on Kang Xi Lai Le:

Source: UDN, sugoideas

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