Show Luo DVD pre-order celebration, sampled hip trusts

Yesterday, Show Luo was at Taipei Xi Men Ding to celebrate for the high pre-order sales of his concert DVD, “Born to Dance Live Tour”. He also sampled his famous 126 hip thrusts in 30 seconds and invited 10 fans to come up the stage.

Show Luo's “Born to Dance Live Tour" concert series was officially launched on April 30, 2010 in Hong Kong, and made a record at Taipei Arena for having three concerts within 24 hours. The 2011 concert series was evolutionary, as regional tour was held across Asia, America and Oceania, the concert series lasted 2 and a half years, with a total of 42 concerts, 60 million live audience.

The record company decided to spend 30 million to start the production of world-class live concert specifications. The DVD pre-ordering period opened only for three days and the 30,000 limited edition DVD have been sold out.

Show also invited 10 fans to dance their own hip thrusts, fans where divided into five groups, each hung counters to challenge the "Lord of the Dance in Asia". Show made 126 hip thrusts in 30 seconds during the concert, the winner was a woman who made 78 hip thrusts.

Finally, Show could not help but accepted the request of the fans and sampled a hip thrusts. Show rumored said that luckily his lower body wasn’t affected by his colds.

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