Nominated four times, James Wen: Where did I lose?

Nominated for four consecutive years, James Wen failed to get the award again. Last night he attended the celebration party SETTV held and disappointed is written on his face. He said: "It does not matter who won but I really want to know where I lost. I hope the mechanics could be more transparent, quantifiable, and will not give me a suffering feeling. "

James Wen said, like in a running competition, one lost and one know why, and now he is frustrated. "This is a game, and I hope it won’t be too subjective, maybe the audience could also take part in voting, I’m not saying this because I did not win the award, I just hope that the industry would be more transparent.”

Sonia Siu not only did not win the best actress award, but rumors are circulating that she encountered a wardrobe malfunction while walking the red carpet. Yesterday, Sonia celebrated her 31’s birthday in Japan and attended the Tokyo Film Festival for the film "Make-up".

Earlier she wrote in her Facebook: "Is really disappointed, very disapointed that I could not go up the stage and thank all the people who were behind “The Fierce Wife”. But when I come home, I realized that I act not because to get an award, but because I really love acting. I will put everything behind so that I could be a better actress in the future."

She also apologies for her performance yesterday while announcing for the Best actor award: "While announcing for the best actor award , I know that tone was too frustrated and not decent, but I really really really really want James Wen to win this award!”

Source & Photo: UDN

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