New girl group Super 7 dubs themselves as Taiwanese version of SNSD

Following Jeremy Liu's mega hit single "Thinking of You", the new Taiwanese girl group, Super 7, has immediately become an internet sensation with their new Taiwanese (dialect) debut single, “麥囉嗦” (roughly translates to Stop Nagging). Calling themselves the “Taiwanese version of Girls’ Generation (SNSD)”, their MV on Youtube has already surpassed 400 thousand views within a week. Their average age is 22 and debuted after a year of training. Their hope is to succeed in the Taiwanese (dialect) music industry.

However, many netizens are criticizing the group, saying that they are incomparable to SNSD or even veteran entertainer, Lotus Wang. Some netizens also pointed out that their wardrobes look awfully similar to SNSD’s, while others commented that they look like a bunch of Betel nut girls dancing.

Check out the MV below:

Source: UDN, ba8la6's channel

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