Michelle Chen's new drama premieres with low ratings

With the movie, “You Are The Apple Of My Eye” reaching 370 million TWD at the box office, Michelle Chen has risen to the 'Goddess' level for many fans. However, her new drama with Ken Chu, “Remember, About Us”, premiered on September 27th with only 0.32% in rating (~441,000 viewers).

Michelle debuted as a drama actress, but many netizens admitted that it was after watching “You Are The Apple Of My Eye” that they went back to watch her previous dramas which included, “Miss No Good”, “Why Why Love”, and “Wish To See You Again”. Some commented that although she was refreshing to watch in those dramas, it didn’t leave a deep impression. Others felt it was a pity that she didn’t receive much of the media's attention for her great acting in “Hear Me” even tough she was nominated for best newcomer at the Golden Bell Awards.

It’s perfect timing for CTV and CtiTV to broadcast “Remember, About Us” as its leads have been in the news a lot lately - Michelle being in the hit movie and recent rumors of Ken Chu dating his costar Maggie Wu. However, the popularity of its leads has yet to be reflected in the ratings.

In related news on ratings, Peter Ho and Janine Chang’s new drama, “真心請按兩次鈴” (roughly translates to Please Ring Twice With Sincerity)”, premiered last weekend with 0.52%; “Office Girls” continued to hold its lead with 4.40%; “I Might Not Love You” and “Love Recipe” obtained 1.65% and 0.42% respectively.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes

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