Megan Lai and Johnny Lu are the "Next Heroes"

Megan Lai and her co-star Johnny Lu held a press conference for their new drama, “Next Heroes”. Although Megan did not win the Best Actress award at Golden Bell, she hopes her chance will come again next year with this police drama. She expressed, “I’m very happy for Tian Xin.” Johnny quickly added, “She still has me. I know she’s waiting for me, so that we can be nominated together.”

“Next Heroes” will premiere on CTV tomorrow at 10pm and reruns will be on NextTV every Sunday at 8pm. The drama cost 100 million TWD to film and its script is written by the Hong Kong ratings champion screenwriter, Cheung Wa-Biu. Hong Kong viewers will definitely be familiar with its plot surrounding the conflicts between friends, family, and love rivals.

Source: Appledaily

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