Mayday ties A-Mei's record of holding the most number of concerts at Taipei Arena

Not to let A-Mei steal all the spotlight, Mayday, who has been called the “Kings of concerts”, will also be holding seven concerts, tying A-Mei’s record of holding the most number of shows at the Taipei Arena for one concert tour. Their concerts will take place on December 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, and January 1st of next year.

Since 2012 is rumored to be the end of the world, lead vocalist Ashin decided to name their concert tour, “Nowhere”. They hope to spend their Christmas and New Year’s Eve with their fans before the world ends. In addition, they are hoping to attract 80 thousand fans to break the record of selling the most number of tickets at the Taipei Arena.

In order to bring the best experience to their fans, they have already started planning for the concert half a year ago, and have scrapped fifty different stage designs in the process. They expressed that it has been the most challenging concert planning in Mayday’s history.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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