A-Lin to release her fifth album in November

A-Lin Huang will be releasing her new album on November 18 titled, "我們會更好的" (roughly We Will Be Better). As a birthday present for herself, she decided to cut her hair, which she had been growing for three years. She hopes that she can become more independent and decisive after turning 28, “When I was little, my mom told me that I could have my own desk at 8, I could start dating at 18, and 28 is the age to be independent. Therefore, this will be a commemorate album for A-Lin!”

On the day of her birthday, A-Lin was flying to Australia for work. She ordered two bottles of champagne during the flight and celebrated with her staff. The local staffs also prepared a cake for her after she arrived. A-Lin laughed, “It was the first time I opened a champagne bottle. I was so scared of spilling it all over myself.”

Resonating her song title, “大大的擁抱” (A Big Hug), the MV director asked A-Lin to walk on the street while holding a big sign that read, “Free Hugs”. In the beginning, A-Lin was worried that no one would want her hugs, but luckily, every passer-by she approached hugged her warmly.

A-Lin will be holding her first concert in Hong Kong on December 21st.

A-Lin's new album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out the preview to A-Lin's new single "不是不滿足" (Not That I'm Not Satisfied):

Source: NOWnews, UDN, avexcpop

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