Khalil Fong to go to Taiwan by boat?

Hong Kong pop singer-songwriter Khalil Fong will be holding a concert at the Taipei Arena on December 17. However, getting to Taiwan will be the biggest obstacle as his doctor advised that he cannot ride in an airplane due to pneumothorax. Since there are no steamboats that carry passengers from Hong Kong to Taiwan, the concert organizers expressed, “If in the end, the doctor deems that he will not be able to adjust to the air pressure on the plane, we will make arrangements for him to come by boat.”

Since Khalil has not been able to ride in an airplane, for his performance in Beijing last Saturday, he rode in a car from Hong Kong to Shenzheng then took the train from there to Beijing; his ride to destination took over 24 hours. However, he commented, “You can enjoy the scenery while riding on the train and experience the different characteristics of each local area.” Knowing that he might need to go to Taiwan by boat, he expressed, “I’ll be able to feel the unrestrained and vastness of the sea.”

Khalil considers his guitar as his “wife”. For the concert, he revealed that he will perform with seven of his “wives”. He laughed, “I started learning how to play the guitar when I was 15, and it was the first instrument that I learned. I took my guitar lessons as if I was with my first love. My first love has become my wife now!” He further revealed that he won’t be doing anything fancy for the concert and won’t be changing his outfits often.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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