Joanna Wang releases cover and original albums

Joanna Wang held a mini concert at Riverside Livehouse to promote her recently released cover album, “The Things We Do For Love”, containing classic English and Chinese songs. She only chose to cover five Mandarin songs which included Anita Mui’s “Intimate Lover”, Kay Huang’s “Dinner for Three”, Sarah Chen’s “A Lifetime of Waiting”, Teresa Teng’s “Repay”, and Tarcy Su’s “Lemon Tree”.

Kay Huang, who attended her mini concert, praised Joanna’s version of “Dinner for Three”. She also gave Joanna a set of horror manga as gift. It turned out that these two talented musicians both love to read horror manga.

Joanna will be busy with promotional activities in the weeks to come. Besides the cover album, she will also be releasing her own themed original album, “The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy” on October 28th. She revealed that she even had to protest to her record company in order to have them let her produce this album. In the end, Sony Music Japan liked the album very much and requested to have it release in Japan first, which did quite well.

Joanna's "The Things We Do For Love" is now available at YesAsia!
Joanna's "The Adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy" is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out the fancam of Joanna singing "You've Got A Friend" below:

Source: UDN, Amy629007's channel

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