Jay Chou ditches Vincent Fang in new song

Jay Chou will be releasing his eleventh album next month, but JVR music is unwilling to disclose any further details...not even its album title. Since he won best male singer and best album at last year’s Golden Melody Awards, both the media and fans are highly anticipating his new album. Thus, his newly released single, “皮影戲” (Shadow Play), is already receiving a lot of attention. To everyone’s surprise, the lyrics to the song are not written by his usual partner, Vincent Fang, but rather veteran entertainer, Tang Tsung-Sheng (Cong Cong), who is known for his impersonations. Cong Cong revealed that he first wrote the lyrics, then gave them to Jay through his makeup artist, Du Ge. Jay immediately fell in love with the lyrics and decided to use them.

When KKBOX released the single a few days ago, they had a picture beside it with the word, "Exclamation", written on it, which caused some fans to believe that Jay’s new album title is ”Exclamation”. On the mainland site, taobao.com, Jay’s album and other related merchandise are already available for preorder. Various sources also listed that the album will be released on November 11th. Regarding this rumor, JVR Music expressed that they will announce the release date very soon.

The media has yet to snap a photo of Jay and Hannah in front view. Thus, the paparazzi are trying their best to follow the couple closely. Jay even wrote on his micro-blog, telling the paparazzi to send ten cars to follow him. But he teased that they won't be able to catch him in his sports car. Last Saturday, Hannah appeared at a special event and the reporters followed her after the event until she entered Mr. J, a restaurant invested by Jay. The reporters eventually lost sight of her and Jay made fun, “It’s enough that you guys couldn’t take a picture of us at the airport. Even when there's an event for you to follow, you still lose sight of us.”

Check out the song below:

Source: UDN, show781010's channel

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