Jay Chou changes controversial song title

Jay Chou’s new album, “Exclamation Point” (according to YesAsia), will be released on November 11th. Interestingly, the title to his new single was changed from “哇靠” (Wa Kao / Holy Sh-t) to “驚嘆號” (!). When asked if he had changed the name due to its vulgarness, JVR music denied, “Jay thinks that ‘哇靠’ is an exclamation. Furthermore, the album is titled ‘Exclamation Point’. After you watch the music video, you’ll understand why it is called ‘exclamation’. The project planning for this album is done very well.” Jay responded, “‘哇靠’ is even milder than ‘’. These are slangs used by the young generation. The lyrics are actually a play on popular slangs. Anyway, you’ll all find out after watching the MV.”

“Exclamation’s” MV cost 8 million TWD to make and contains a lot of CG. The MV was also directed by Jay himself; he revealed that he came up with the idea for the MV a year ago and communicated it to a martial arts master to film a realistic fight scene. Jay plays the protagonist in the MV who warps through time in his sports car and fights evil in different cities.

“Exclamation Point” is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Source: UDN

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